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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Travels in Bric-a-Brac
  • London: Angels
  • Brussels: Jeu de Balle
  • Paris: Les Puces
  • Rochefort: On the Pierre Loti Trail
  • Naples: Something about Walls
  • Budapest: Between the Pages
  • Istanbul: The Grand Bazaar
  • Damascus:
  • Aleppo: A Serendipitous Find
  • Aswan: Three Dollars a Day
  • Marrakech: The Water Sellers
  • Fez el-Djedid: A Portable Arabic Typewriter
  • Tangier: The Forbes Museum
  • Shanghai: Shopping on a Grand Scale; The Great World
  • Stanley: Arrivals
  • Los Angeles: A Natural History Boutique
  • Portland: The Measure of the Criminal
  • Vancouver: Dr Wilsone's Fossils; The Magnifying Glass; A Few Words to Scavengers
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • Index

On the Pierre Loti Trail
I no longer remember when I first crossed paths with the French author Pierre Loti, but once I made his acquaintance, I knew I would never let him out of my sight. Loti was a man committed to his obsessions: traveling, writing, marrying temporarily, and re-creating the exotic, whether from the past or from foreign lands. Although he lived until 1923, he remained firmly locked in the nineteenth century ...

A Portable Arabic Typewriter
When I revisited Morocco in 1994, I had been working on The Tattooed Map, an illustrated novel of a journey through that country. The manuscript was nearly finished and was to go to editing shortly after my return; on this last trip I would take more photographs and confirm some details ... Among the places I went back to was Fez, one of the most remarkable cities in North Africa ...

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