Georgia Straight Profile: Barbara Hodgson

Alexander Varty, Georgia Straight (October 11, 2007) says ...

Trading in Memories: Travels Through a Scavenger’s Favorite Places (Greystone Books, $29.95) jumps all over the map, from Paris to Budapest to Portland, and from antique lace to Arabic typewriters to cigarette tins. It’s a voyage of discovery, but the wonders unearthed don’t involve mountaineering garb, scuba tanks, or the superhuman stamina of a Wilfred Thesiger. Instead, her sport is a kind of extreme shopping, with beautiful bargain-basement prizes.

Hodgson’s latest passion is antique wooden painting kits and, by extension, vintage artists’ supplies of all kinds. She explains that her chance discovery of some unopened jars of pigment from the late 1800s has recently led to yet another book.

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